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 Mission, Rumble on the Roads, Travel Topic

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Sand Genin
Sand Genin

PostSubject: Mission, Rumble on the Roads, Travel Topic   Sun Dec 06, 2009 9:36 pm

Medusa had just recieved her orders, she was to take herself along to 'The River Country' to beat the crap out of some men running amock. It didn't really aggrivate her so much as make her happy, they surely weren't innocent but she would take souls for her master when she could get them. Sending a damned soul to hell is still rewarding, especially as there were so many of them from reports she heard. She shot over the ground on her broomstick, standing up on it without much of a care in the world. Her attention was on the surroundings, but at the speed and height she was flying, chances were that nobody would even notice her fly straight over them. Not many people expected a girl riding a broomstick to actually exist, upon seeing Medusa most would turn their heads in dissapproval of what they saw. Soaring high and holding a snake around her left arm, Medusa's hair fluttered behind her, with her hood also flapping around behind her head. She wore an evil looking smile, her eyes thinned as she thought of the many painful ways she could end the lives of those she would kill. Medusa wasn't missunderstood in her actions, she was known to be evil, however she wasn't a village betrayer. She would take her kills where she could get them, sure, but those she killed deserved it in the Village's eyes. Leaning her head forward, Medusa kissed the snake on its mouth before wrapping it around her shoulders and speeding on forward in the direction of Konoha for the moment. Medusa had to retrieve a summon that was sent to ask Konoha for help, as well as tell them what had happened.
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Mission, Rumble on the Roads, Travel Topic
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