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 Where words take action! [P]

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A ranked Missing-Ninja
A ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: Where words take action! [P]   Sun Dec 06, 2009 4:57 am

It was time... or rather it was time for him. He was getting impatient with himself. After all, the longer he waited the longer he ran the risk of being stopped by some unforeseen force or by himself. He was still far away enough from Suna that he wouldn't be seen and made sure this was the case before taking a nip of blood from his thumb and pressing it to the sand, Summon a massive 100foot Bananawana. The Alligator rolled his head slightly so that this left eye could look over to Ganon.

"I assume by summoning me you plan to have proper payment for my services..."

"Of course! I wouldn't have it any other way..." Ganon then explained to the Alligator in broad detail the plan itself. The Alligator agreed after it was made clear to him that he would be in no immediate danger from the ordeal. Before they set out, Ganon formed the proper hand signs and created a single clone that rose from the ground and stood over by himself.

"Lets see... what should we turn ya into ehh?" He said to himself as he looked to the clone, the clone looking back and strugging, "How about one of them ANBU? That guy we met was an ANBU from Konoha so something like that, just make sure the mask is a bit different"
"Gotcha, Henge!" The clone was then transformed to resemble an ANBU officer, the mask made out with the features of an alligator painted upon it.
"Perfect..." Ganon said, looking to the clone.
"And for the piece De la resistance!" He simply poked the eye of the man, transferring the sight of his own right eye to that of the clone temporarily with the third eye technique. The Clone then placed the mask on his face and hopped into the mouth of the Bananawana. Ganon grabbed the sac full of stolen Explosive tags and slung them over his shoulder as if he were santa clause at christmas, walking up the tongue of the Bananawana as it closed it mouth over both of them, creating a spacious shelter for the both of them. "Alrighty! Lets get this party started. We wont have too long until the winds shift east and the other villages hear of the attack so it'll be a quick in and out kinda thing...but why am I telling you that, your me!"

The clone and Ganon both threw there head back in laughter and nervous excitement as the Bananawana buried itself into the sand; about 40meters deep; much deeper then it would normally need to, but they wanted to make a point to stay undetected. Ganon shifted his chakra so that he would be unsensed; masking it temporarily. With everything set into place, The headed toward Sunagakure itself, completely by passing the wall by moving under it until they were around a central location within the city nearly 2hours later.... -Continued in Sunagakure-

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Where words take action! [P]
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