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 Field trip for the Academy Students (solo)

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PostSubject: Field trip for the Academy Students (solo)   Tue Mar 03, 2009 6:18 am

Today, the academy students were on a field trip to study the plant variety which are used for poisons and medicine. Obviously coming to the Medicinal Greenhouse the safest idea and most entertaining, the academy teachers brought the kids over for a education tutorial on the herbs. The administration building thought it would be a great idea for the kids to learn this in a more 'hands on' experience, and it could possibly be used as a advertisement of medical ninja. Two classes that consisted of twenty young shinobi were lucky enough to go on the trip, and the academy teachers found it hard to figure out who should give the tutorial. Deciding that Sumi was a great choice for the job because of his rank and past history of helping kids, they assigned him to do the job. Not only that but Sumi was also a employee there who worked part time with his harnessing his poison knowlege for his puppets. Toppled by being a master of medical ninjutsu Sumi was a great asset to the business which built a bridge between the Medicinal Green House and the Hospital where he also worked.

In the Green House the side conversations of the students seemed constant as Sumi sat in the wooden chair. Usually the greenhouse had plants and pots assorted in bizzare patterns which the manager found to her liking, but since they needed more room for the kids Sumi made a deal with the manager to move the pots around the glassy walls. The Green House was very big compared to others, multiple floors with offices and a huge variety of plants lined up on shelves. The ceiling draped with exotic vines dangled there, and as the sun shined thew the windows the plants pheromones became visible which sparkled with yellow light. Along with the many nature qualities the Green House had a sharp smell of different plants that were mixed in a perpetuating aroma that smelled amazingly good. At the base of the green house all the plants were moved in a big rectangular style where the children sat in black stools in the open space. Seeing the next generation of ninja in his presence made Sumi appreciate his life even more, and gave him a sense of motivation to keep protecting his village. Sumi, who wore his Doctors jacket and village headband made sure he presented himself strongly but comforting at the same time. They were kids after all, and they would probably respect a donut more than a Jounin.

The kids were lined up in rows of four all facing the front where Sumi sat at his desk. Right beside Sumi was a small stand which had a plant on top of it. After five minutes of the kids getting settled in it was time to get the teaching started which Sumi was eager to begin. Leaning on his right hand Sumi appeared bored as he eyes were half open as he stared at the black wooden desk in front of him. With his left index finger he made circular motions on the table as if he were drawing a mental picture. Realizing that all the kids were there Sumi perked his head up and grinned at the kids. With his soft brown eyes he examined all of them intently before getting up and moving the to center. Crossing his arms and spreading his legs farther apart the children looked at him curiously as he stood there. Silence broke out in the room which meant it was the perfect time to begin the lesson.

Deciding that he'll have to tune down his demanding voice and appear nicer than what he truly is he waited a few moments before speaking. "Hello young shinobi! My name is Sumi Sensei and its a pleasure to be here" he said as he began to walk left and right across the front part of the room. The children began to mumble to each other which he currently ignored and he continued directly. "Today I'm going to introduce you to some basic herbs which are used for healing and poisons crafting" Sumi said while stopping and staring at the kids. "Which you may need to know if you want to survive" he said sinisterly as that comment brought a leery silence that even made the plants shiver. One child raises her hand and stood up from her seat, lifting his eyebrow Sumi pointed at the girl. "Exscuse me Sumi Sensei, but why are you so big for a Academy Student?" she asked cutely while sitting back down. Sumi laughed at her question and placed his hands on his hips. "Oh I'm not a Academy Student young one, I'm a Jounin and a professional Medic" he said proudly with a wide grin on his face. Walking over to the plant Sumi began to start his tutorial on the plant beside his desk known as the Purple lotus.
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Field trip for the Academy Students (solo)
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