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 Second Characters

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PostSubject: Second Characters   Thu Dec 03, 2009 3:06 am

Second Characters

After considerable debate Second characters are now permitted. There are a number of things that need to be considered if you want a second character.

Second Character Rules

1. First off you need to have 3 months of continuous activity on site to apply for a second character or a minimum of 300 posts.

2. Your second character must never be of the same rank as your current character. In general they must be at least one rank lower though in rare cases you may be allowed a higher rank (where for instence the member is highly experienced and previously had a high ranking character but current has a genin). To apply for a second character of a higher rank you need permission from one of the Admins

3. Your first and Second Characters should NEVER, I repeat NEVER, post in the same thread. This is to avoid any of the characters acting out of character due to their presence or using one character in favour of another. A good example would be having an Akatsuki character revealing the location of their headquaters to the second character who is a Konoha Genin. There may be a points when this happens unintentionally such as one character being captured and taken into another thread by force where you other character is. If this happen contact a independent staff member who will formally take control of your character while this situation remains

4. If your current character is a village Nin your second character can not be from the same village

5. If your current character is a Missing Ninja your second character can not be a Missing Nin or an Akatsuki Member

6. You may never harvest, use or otherwise abuse or use one character in favour of another. A classic example would be killing a Uuhiha character so their eyes can go to your other character

7. Admin’s have the right to remove your second character if one of the two accounts become inactive. It is therefore recommended that if you don’t have time for a second character, then don’t apply for one. You do not get to choose which character you keep, you keep your FIRST character.

8. Your second character is otherwise bound by all the same creation and role playing rules

Should you break any of the rules sanctions will taken, most commonly being the loss of your 2nd character

How to Apply for a Second Characters: Please use the following application thread


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Leaf Jounin

PostSubject: Re: Second Characters   Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:28 pm

Rule updated, to accommodate for people who have been here long, but don't post as much.
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Second Characters
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