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 KWAHAHAHAHA! (part3, Open)

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A ranked Missing-Ninja
A ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: KWAHAHAHAHA! (part3, Open)   Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:39 am

It was cool...

With the sun starting to set, it was quickly made obvious to Ganon the differences in climate between his home and here. The constant shade of the tall trees kept things cool as it is, and the lack of heat from the radiation of the sun only made things a bit more chill. Thankfully he was pretty well dressed; his clothing was made to retain heat and prevent over heating, so he was good in both extremes of the desert climate. He gritted his teeth, scowling lightly to himself as he thought of the many inconvenient truths that had hit him. First of all, he didn't have anywhere to stay. He had spent whatever money he had on him in Konoha in his week long vacation-ish stay. To be honest, he was also pretty well pampered in that week, but had to get focused on his next goal. He was headed to his primary target; Sunagakure. He wasn't completely sure what he was going to do when he got there, or what his over all plan was. He was in Konoha for some scouting and now that he was done, he was more or less ready to move on.

Sunagakure was going to be quite the trip from his current location. He considered stopping in River Country, which was he latest 'home' but that would warrant more problems then just taking a straight route. He had a map, which he had purchase earlier, and was currently trying to make heads or tails of his bearings before the sun set completely and he couldn't see anything at all. Apparently he had to head through Rain country, which had its own hidden village. He rather not have to contest with nosey shinobi, poking in on his business and questioning his motives like he was some sort of criminal. He then laughed at the irony of his own comment. After all he was a wanted criminal; even if his reputation on the sea hadn't reached land as of yet. He sort of like it that way; at least he didn't have to worry about the navy on his heels at all times while on land. He almost didn't know what to do with himself now, with the exception of his extended goals... but one step at a time for now.

It was settled; he would travel through north River Country to Wind Country and infiltrate Sunagakure, picking off any merchants and trade routes he could find on the way. Simple, and effective. After all, the fastest route between any two points is a straight line...
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PostSubject: Re: KWAHAHAHAHA! (part3, Open)   Mon Nov 30, 2009 5:57 am

Initake recently left his newest stay in Ame, and was heading towards Wind Country, with his sights set on Sunagakure. he left on a full stomach, because he knew that they way there was full of long periods of Sun, bandit here and there, other than him, and many many dangerous creatures, but nothing he couldn't handle. He had stuffed a few things from the bakery and the ramen noodles shop on his way leaving, and then bolted out of River Country. He didn't ant to die of starvation before his first "job".

He was full now, and ready for a long run, so what he did was perfect. Since he had perfect 15-15 vision, what he did was look up high in the sky, and saw a bird circling overhead. he had jumped onto a building, and the onto the buzzard's back. He then kicked the bird in the side, telling to to go, and he then led the way, via flight, like the way a jockey on a horse would.

He was flying overhead, when he had just reached the desert, and saw a shinobi running his way. Fool. Why run, when you could have something more primitive and easily controlled do the work for you? Initake couldn't find the ways of most people's easy and "kind" logic. He felt he was superior, and he was, so he used anything he could to his advantage.

He then ordered the bird to swoop down, and it did. He then was about a foot away from the shinobi, so he grabbed his arm, scooped him up, and onto the bird as well. This bird was really strong and really useful. Maybe he could use it in the future, and that was exactly his thoughts.
" The name is Initake, I saved your life. State your name, business, and whatever else you feel is necessary."
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KWAHAHAHAHA! (part3, Open)
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