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 Art of Wind Manipulation

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Leaf Jounin
Leaf Jounin

PostSubject: Art of Wind Manipulation   Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:23 am

Name: Art of Wind Manipulation
Rank: E-S
Type: Passive Ninjutsu
Element: Wind
Description: As a Hyuuga, Ryuu has study indepth on the nature of chakra, and how elemental chakra works. By utilizing the concepts he has learned, he has managed to apply these lessons to his wind natured chakra.

Through intense meditation, Ryuu has increased his ability to utilize the wind. All wind jutsu's he uses have a lowered chakra cost, and Ryuu can also manipulate the wind itself, just by saturating the air around him with his chakra. This allows Ryuu to use wind oriented techniques without handseals. However, this advancement in one elemental chakra came with a cost, as he now requires more chakra to utilize his second element, fire. Also, the enhanced wind element prevents him from learning any S-Ranked fire jutsu, as they would need too much concentration and chakra to be effective.

The wind manipulation is a passive ability now, as he is always excreting a slight amount of chakra into his nearby surroundings, making it so that he can manipulate the wind at anytime, such as to block incoming weapons, or low ranking (ie E-Rank) jutsus.

This enhanced chakra also gives his wind jutsu a stronger attack, causing them to be able to negate fire techniques of the same rank, so long as the same amount of chakra is used by both parties. Ryuu cannot overcome a fire jutsu of the same rank by adding more chakra, and have his technique win the battle, but he can cause the two techniques to cancel each other out, like water and fire would do.

Link: (When making new jutsus you must train them. Read the Training Page in rules. post the link here for admins to check)
Medical use/Bastardized use: N/A
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Leaf Genin
Leaf Genin

PostSubject: Re: Art of Wind Manipulation   Mon Nov 30, 2009 9:03 pm

Approved for training.
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Art of Wind Manipulation
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