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 Learning the summoning jutsu

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Sand Genin
Sand Genin

PostSubject: Learning the summoning jutsu   Sun Nov 22, 2009 12:56 pm

Blaize Ryuzaki was now ready to go train with his brother's partner with the summoning jutsu. he had now made the contract with the person's summoning contract and was now ready to summon. he wanted to learn how to summon a lizard of his very own. Like the one he saw from his brother's partner. The one that can defend against attacks. It is a good way to protect the comrads of his village. not to mention himself with future plans. he smiled at the thought of it as his partner was making him focus on hand signs

Blaize focused his chakra over and over while doing the hand signs. After a 50 something times of the same hand signes he then went on with the blood offering. he had to spend ours learnign how to cut his thumb on comand to bring fourth blood in order for him to summon the animal that he wanted. he did it over and over again until he needed a bandid for his thumb. it did not matter the man trainined blaize with his other thumb. After a couple hundred times he got the hang of the signs and the chakra flow and then the most important blood donations. As he was ready he spoken

"Alright no more training time. It is time to summon my first creature. I am ready watch this guys."

As he spoken he bit his thumb as he did the hand signs. At the completion he was ready to force his hand to the ground and somehting cought his hand. It was his brother kyo stopping him. He looked at him and shake his head.

"It seemes your needed else were brother and i have to go soon. Your training for the summoning is complete but i dont want you to use it until you really need it. Let the first time learning how to summon be special save it for a mission alright?? Good. now i have to go. so do you. now off"

As the last words spoken he was sad and dissapointed he could not perform it yet. he promised his brother and so the training was done. he knew all the requierments to the summoning. All was left to do was summon his first creature. And it will happen in due time.

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Learning the summoning jutsu
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