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 Lengthy Roleplaying

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Leaf Genin
Leaf Genin

PostSubject: Re: Lengthy Roleplaying   Fri Nov 06, 2009 12:26 am

no, not completely... and you must have missread some of my post, even though you quoted it, because i said that we had to make it more fun for everybody, by making lines, so its easyer for people to have fun... (dont see hows that delfish) bad RPing, will cause a lot of confusion, and will practically ruin a thread (ive seen it).
Im not into the "You must type at least 5 senteces!"-thing, i just think your post should be relevant, and i dont see how this could ruin the fun.
And its hard to argue with you when you say "Your all wrong. You just have to have fun..." How would you make it fun? Do you mean everything should be free? (no posting order, no limits, no critireas) be a little more precise, and people will be able to answer you wih answers that cant be misunderstood
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Leaf Jounin
Leaf Jounin

PostSubject: Re: Lengthy Roleplaying   Fri Nov 06, 2009 1:48 am

I think what he is saying is in the core basis of things, thats all that really matters but of course you have to have some rules and guidelines so that everyone can have fun, not just you. For one persons fun of running around giving half ass posts, is not another persons fun, which is roleplaying with that half ass poster.
Its all about everyone having fun, and what guidelines do we set aside so that we can have fun.
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Lengthy Roleplaying
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