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 Blood Lust [P]

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PostSubject: Blood Lust [P]   Thu Oct 29, 2009 5:21 am

Cirrus had intended to walk towards Konoha, for some reason he felt possible resolve within his old homeland. That was before he stood where he stood now. The changing point, there were roads everywhere. Here, now, he had to make the choice of where to go. Unfortunate for whatever location he chose, he was angry, he was dangerous, he was in a state of Blood Lust. He sat in a tree staring down at the paths. Konoha, Kirigakure, Earth country, etc. Breathing deeply, he allowed his emotions to calm and his logical sense to take over. There were many things in this world that were easily provoked. For instance, wild animals would strike even without provocation, simply out of fear. If he could invoke enough fear in the heart of a country while disguised as another, he would start a war and barely have to fight. The world would go to a sufficient amount of disorder, so much that he could kill and conquer whatever he wanted. He could take whatever he wanted. The world he was in now, was impure. It was imperfect, it needed to be cleansed. He drew his sword, and tossed it randomly on the ground. The blade pointed to Konoha, the hilt, to Sunagakure. He would follow what his sword desired, for when his blade was drawn, blood ran free. He jumped down from the tree, a stale expression. There would be more than just casualties, more than just murders, there would be war. With that, he used the basic transformation technique, he was no longer a missing ninja, but an assassin from Sunagakure..

-To Konoha-
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Blood Lust [P]
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