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Mr. K
C ranked Missing-Ninja
C ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: Advertisement   Sun Oct 25, 2009 5:20 am

Building up a customer list was like growing a field, you had to plant seeds and nurture them till they grew to fruition, or profits. He had to begin by planting seeds in a fertile place, children. Adults were stuck in there ways and wouldn't buy from a weapon smith they didn't know, even if they were better quality weapons. But children had yet to form a bond with any merchants pedaling wares. All he had to do was get them interested in weapons, and get them by the shop. That was a simple task, all he had to do was go around putting up fliers. The first set would be going up in the housing area, where the children of ninja who would often neglect them would see the fliers and want to go learn how to use all the cool weapons.

It was a ploy, putting on a workshop sponsored by The Kanayu Weapon Shop. His skill with weapons had nothing to do with the shop, and he didn't even think they were the best around. So why was he going to do it? To get back at the best around, who were his blood relatives. They should have been kinder, or treated him with more respect, and now they were going to pay the price. His next destination was the ninja academy. He knew the kids there would drink up this bullshit. They'd take one look at him and his huge muscles and assume he was the best thing since slices bread. Would they jump at the chance to be taught by the biggest bad ass they knew? Well it sure beat the pants off the old crones who taught them in school.

The first workshop was set to take place next week. He would be teaching the use of the Manriki-gusari. As a bonus the shop was throwing in a free one for everyone in attendance. They were cheap, a three foot length of chain with a weight at both ends. Still, it was a good weapon. A single strike from one could come with no warning and disable or kill a person if you did it right. It was simple enough. When the kids showed up for the next session they'd want the weapon he showed them and let them practice with. Being that the shop was basically cheap knock offs, parents would be able to afford to give into the whims of their children and buy them the weapons.

Everyone got what they deserved, his family lost business, the ninja brats with no honor or respect for their weapon would get shoddily built weapons, and he would get paid for doing it. He smiled as he reveled in how genius this was. Not only would he be undermining everyone he so hated, but they were paying him to do it. They should have just let the shop go out of business, but they were too weak to realize that they weren't popular because they were no good. He would have told someone that, but his lack of promotion showed how valued they thought he was, and his opinions. Instead he'd give them their just desserts and get paid for doing it.
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