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 Visiting. [Open, No Fighting/Killing][Drama Warning! ~]

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S ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: Visiting. [Open, No Fighting/Killing][Drama Warning! ~]   Mon Sep 28, 2009 7:18 am

It was dark and Quiet. The Moonlight was shining overhead on the luscious green tops of the pine trees that littered the forests of the Land of the Moon. The grass was soft and plentiful across the dirt-covered ground, many flowers, plants and animals roaming around this forest. Birds were chirping around the branches and leaves of the trees above him, the small critters around his feet quickly moving from one place to another. Saruno was stepping one foot in front of the other as he was walking silently across the soft ground below his feet within the trail of the forest around him. Yuui was set across his back, her massive size and immense power showing off on his back. It was the time of the year. Visiting his family in his home country, The Land of the Moon's right side of the island. Unfortunately, at night, He couldn't fly, due to the air being so cold, and his wings couldn't handle cold flight unless he was heated up.

A light sigh came by his lips as he looked up at the Full Moon up on the starlit sky, thinking about how his family was doing. Maybe they were gonna be okay, or not. They've been targeted hundreds of times, but the warriors of the Kazura kept them all safe. The Amizaru, Narame, and the Kazura were safe cause of them. But he wondered, seeing them fight for the last time he was in moon country, made him think. Were they really doing it for the glory, or doing it cause it was the right thing. He didn't really know, but who really did.

Hearing something, somewhere in the distance, he heard a faint movement, a very faint movement of leaves somewhere near his location. He couldn't sense any chakra nearby, so it had to be just the wind. Who knew.

[No killing or fighting, That means YOU akatsuki! >>!]
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Visiting. [Open, No Fighting/Killing][Drama Warning! ~]
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