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 Introduction of Takira Uchiha! [P]

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PostSubject: Introduction of Takira Uchiha! [P]   Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:26 am

How would you describe something that is ordinary? Would it be something that goes along with the rules of society, the world, the universe? That question has pondered the minds of humanity since the dawn of time. Battle, blood, and loss are what the ninja found ordinary at that time, sad but it was the only truth. There was no sanctuary on such a planet that is ruled by power and indifference. Only those chosen by a higher power can rise above the blood, and stand purged of its darkness. The others shall live in this pitiful world and let their hearts be devoured by pain. In a world of war, ninja come together and defend their nation. What a sad yet interesting way to live, to fight for something that probably isn't worth fighting for. But that was the life of the ninja, a life of military, and death. Now in Konoha, things will begin to get interesting in that village surrounded by leaves. A new chosen one has awakened, a new flame has been lit, a new Uchiha has been born. Now, its time for the ordinary to become extraordinary, as that flame turns into wildfire.

"Ugh" Takira said as she walked out of her room. Taking her right hand she clutched the doorknob behind her, and slammed the door shut. Takira stood there, her young beauty radiating in that hallway like the moon in the dark sky. The ends of her black thread like hair rested on her shoulders, glistening so brightly at the sunlight shining threw the window. Takira was wearing her traditional outfit that day, it felt good wearing something that she was used to. Previously she had been wearing dresses and skirts for the celebrations her clan had for her becoming a Genin. Takira hated celebrations, but she did feel honored of being promoted. Her normal outfit consisted of a long fishnet shirt which reached all the way down to her thighs which made it look similar to a dress. Over that was a small black robe that had the Uchiha symbol engraved on its back. When in the Academy she wore something similar, but since becoming Genin she tweaked her outfit a little. Her basic weapons and such were in the pockets of the robe, along with those she wore the regular sandals of Konoha villagers. Takira was a prodigy, a young legend, a Uchiha. Being born into a powerful clan she has amazing potential, and she knows how to work it. Threw training with her father she has become quite the Uchiha of her clan, and being a women she still has walls to tear down.

"Takira! Get your ass to the Administration building now! You have a appointment!" Her father shouted up the stairs with a booming and powerful voice. Her father was a respected member of the Uchiha clan, and the village. He worked in the Konha police department along with other members of her clan, and was the loving father of Takira. Once hearing his voice Takira felt a small chill run down her spine, then annoyance spread like poison ivy. "Yes father, jeez" She said while making her way down the hallway. Takira lived in a two story wooden house in the outskirts of the village, along with her fellow clan members. Her house was one of the most beautiful out of the others, having polished wooden floors and shimmering red curtains. Takira made her way down the stairs, making a large thumping noise with every step. She found her father sitting in the kitchen table, reading a scroll. A few feet from the door, she stopped and faced her father. Her father was facing the other direction and although not looking at Takira, she knew every part of his senses was focused no her. "Now that you are a Genin your life as a shinobi begins, I pray that I trained you hard enough." He said with a chuckle. Takira smirked, not a smirk of humor but one of excitement. "Yes father, I'll make you proud." She said while bowing her head. After a moment of silence her father turned around. Revealing his handsome youthful face, he smiled. "Good luck on your first mission..." He said while turning back around.Takira nodded and took a few steps to the door. She sighed as her hand touched the metal knob and turned it.

"Look out world, Takira has been born!." And with that, she made her way to the Administration Building.
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Introduction of Takira Uchiha! [P]
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