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B ranked Missing-Ninja
B ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: Travling~   Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:14 am

Days have pasted after Shiko fled the scene of the terrible attack and murder of his old partner,Vergil.Shiko had been running from this horrible accident for about two days straight without little rest or even food.Shiko decided to take a short breather from traveling and sprinting from tree branch to tree branch on a consistent pace.Shiko jumped down from the tree branch that was around ten feet in the air.Shiko walked over to a nearby tree stomp that was think and large in size.Shiko placed his back and head on the stomp of the apparently large tree.While cautiously relaxing on the tree,Shiko grabbed his white bandage off.He did this in order for him to get oxygen and air into his body since he was so winded.Shiko calmly inhaled and exhaled letting and releasing oxygen in to help the blood circulate in his weak bod at the moment.During this second of time Shiko still parishedly keep thinking about the death of his partner and how he could've attempted done something that would change the outcome of the past situation.Around ten minutes letting his ex-partner death eat his mind away,Shiko started to think about the postive sides...if there were any at all. "Well I didn't really know the guy that much. I shouldn't even be griefing about this loser's death. His misfortune death is not my main concern about this world." ,Shiko said to himself. Shiko paused for a brief moment and tightly squeezed his fist.Shiko continued to speak in his thoughts.
"I have greater issues that I must fulfill to please this nightmare I face everyday." Shiko gently released his tightly gripped fist.Shiko closed his eyes and let out a small case of air,this relaxing his stress at the moment.Minutes later of still relaxing on the stomp of the tree,Shiko re-wrapped his his bandage on his lower part of his face and caustuiously raised up from the tree stomp.After Shiko got up he stretched his arms,letting a quiet yawn and checked his nearby surroundings.Shiko would randomly do this in case of any bystanders who would try to attempt to ambush him. "I don't see anyone." "Time to head out." With Shiko saying that, he quickly climbed back up the tree and headed towards his destination.
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