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 Some weapons[100%]

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PostSubject: Some weapons[100%]   Sat Sep 19, 2009 11:17 pm

Name: Knuckle Knives
Rank: C
Special Abilities: With Misuto's wind affinity. He can make this weapon aqquire the elemnt's afinnity to extend its lenght and such. Making the lnghts of the blades longer than usual.

Genin: The genin can increase its length for about 1 inch.
Chuunin: 1 and a half
Jounin: 2 inches long
Kage: 3 inches long

Origin: Part of an arsenal of weapons that Misuto received when he graduated from the academy. It was bought by a merchan in the village.

Name: Sais
Rank: C
Special Abilities: This has no special ability whatsoever but, Misuto is able to use his wind techs to extend the blades lenght.
Origin:Also, part of one of the weapons Misuto recieved after he graduated form the academy. It was bought from merchants on the village.
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Leaf Jounin

PostSubject: Re: Some weapons[100%]   Sun Sep 20, 2009 1:21 am

Do you have weapon spec?

As for your first weapon, that requires a B rank ninjutsu called Hien. Also, he can only extend it about an inch.

same goes for the second weapon, you need Hien to extend length, and even then it would be an inch or two at max.
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Some weapons[100%]
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