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 Saruno's Estate; A Mysterious Greeting [Open, No Killing]

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.Death Angel
S ranked Missing-Ninja
S ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: Saruno's Estate; A Mysterious Greeting [Open, No Killing]   Tue Feb 24, 2009 8:29 am

A quiet morning awakened in the village of Konoha, a drifting breeze sweeping over it's vast greatness of forests, rivers, lakes, everything. A house appears on the edge of a small mountain, a Kazura estate, one of the many placed around the entire continent. Saruno within it's walls. A small bit of sunshine lit up through a window on the end of Saruno's bed, awakening him from a bit of his deep-sleep slumber. It's been almost weeks since his last night in a comfortable bed, always having to set up a tent and laying on the ground. Now, his back just felt like a stone board, nothing else. Sitting up on the bed now, his eyes still closed from the sleep, he stood up as the back of his legs pushed against the bed, allowing him to stand with ease.

Walking over to the bathroom, he simply wore a pair of black-silk night pants, nothing really much else, since they were his father's, and they were freshly washed much before he wore it last night. A small yawn came from Saruno's lips as he grasped his right palm on the handle of the door, turning it as he walked into the bathroom, the door tilting on it's hinge towards the inside of the bathroom. After a few minutes in the bathroom, he came back out, a small bit of moisture in his hair from the sink, fixing a bit of his bed-head, some of his hair still sticking up.

Looking around the newly brightened estate around him, he noticed a few of his father's old chakra weapons, nothing of too specialty, maybe a few condensed chakra blades here and there, but not too many. Silver, black, red, blue, all assorted colors wandering about the walls of the estate, just hanging there like trophies. Walking a bit to the dressing area just only four or five feet from his bed, he picked up a large black cloak and a pair of pants from the rack sitting beside him with his right arm, setting them over it with a bit of ease. Undressing himself, placing the black night pants over the side of the dressing area, it plopped over it with a bit of ease.

The boxers next to the pants were pulled down with a bit of ease, a shadow of a cloak coming from the dressing area, being put on his body. Now walking from the area, he began to step to the door on the end of his room, turning the knob and walking from it, the door swaying inside of the room, then closing shut. Saruno began to walk down the hall, his hands in his pockets, a bit tired as he began to walk to the kitchen, where he would begin to prepare his food. Yet, he wondered what was going to happen next.

Within short moments of time, the sun on the horizon of the view of the estate, showed to have a large silhouette, orange and yellow colors floating throughout the clouds above the area, giving it it's pristine look. Being housed in Konoha for the time being, he had many things in his mind, surviving for one, and a few other motions. Sliding out to the balcony of the room next to his kitchen, after grabbing a bite of a small brownish tan bagel in his right palm, holding it up to his teeth as he took a small bite from it's being, leaving a small few crumbs to fall from it's bite. Stepping on the outside, the refreshing cool air of the area around the area, the trees and the leaves sliding outwards and inwards to the winds direction, showing the estate's shiny stained-glass windows, it's perfect alignment with the sun's direction of light, almost everything.

His crimson-shaded eyes looked out at the city, seeing the silhouette in awe, a small smile on his expression. He wasn't all so evil, he was kind, generous, and caring to most people, and if trouble ever occurred, he would be there to help. The bareness of his chest showed a bit, the black cloak around his arms and the sides of his torso, sliding down to the upper parts of his ankles. Being so tired and a bit awed in the sight of what he hasn't seen in such a long time, the clouds overhead shining in the light of the sun. Something this precious of beauty of nature, had to be appreciated.
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Sand Genin
Sand Genin

PostSubject: Re: Saruno's Estate; A Mysterious Greeting [Open, No Killing]   Mon Mar 16, 2009 11:33 am

Zatheria was in his normally depressed mood. When he awoke there was nothing but silence in his house. 'THat's right.' He said in his head 'I'm always alone now.' He had to tell himself that everyday when he awoke. He got dressed put his over sized gray abd black jacket. He spike up his blonde hair. Anf left to get some breakfeast. He was runnin glow on cash. 'I need to get a mission soon.' But he got the usual morning meal. A small order of ramen. Zatheria quitly and quickly ate his meal paid the man and left.

Zatheria liked to walk in nature. It was the only thing that kept him alive. He would love to join his mother but he first must make her proud. Even if she is dead. THe birds were out earily. The sun beamed on the red and yellow trees making a forest of shadows appear. Zatheria loved this time of day. THe only thing he liked more then moring was the twilight hour. When the moon sets. He found his usual hang out spot. He could remember, when his mother was still alive, coming everyday. His father was a lot nicer back then. He played with his earing for another 20 minutes. He just laid there on a log, wishing that he could stay there his entire life.
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Saruno's Estate; A Mysterious Greeting [Open, No Killing]
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