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 Off and again!

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S ranked Missing-Ninja
S ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: Off and again!   Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:04 am

The stars winked down whilst the moon cast a translucent glow over the atmosphere of the earth. Each star held mysteries greater than the earth itself and what was more that there were billions of them in the one galaxy whilst there was only just the one earth. But not to get too detailed into astronomy, Robin had left the village roughly 3hours prior and was in the process of making his way to Sunagakure no Sato and the onto Kirigakure no Kuni. He was only 1 or 2 hours away from the village and the area was covered in nothing but sand. It was also 10pm at night and it was freezing cold with no place to shelter and camp out the night. I guess that's why the call it the desert; because its deserted of absolutely everything possible. He did have, however, his pack full of food, drinks, clothing and shelter for which he would need if nescessary. The moon lingered over and the dunes rolled on; 1hour to go.

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Off and again!
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