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 Wandering the Desert ( Open, fightning allowed, no killing)

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PostSubject: Wandering the Desert ( Open, fightning allowed, no killing)   Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:51 am

Initake was walking around Sunagakure aimlessly, looking around at all the buildings and such around him, and it got himself to thinking. Wow, this world has gotten so industrial, it hard to enjoy nature much anymore.... So, his mind was made up, he was going to visit the never-ending desert.

He nodded to the guards, and said
"just taking a short trip to the outskirts, will be back before nightfall." The guards nodded back. Initake walked through the gates and then was in the desert. he looked around, and said to himself
"This is nature at it's finest. Well, at least the finest you'll see around here." He was on his way farther out, when he saw a gaping hole in the ground, so he decided to investigate.

He jumped down, and saw a mine. Yes, a mine with copper and such, so he saw that no one was around, and the copper seemed to be in perfect condition. he then saw one of the picks hanging from the wall from when miners actually used to be around here, apparently for some reason they abandoned the mine. he then looted a few pounds of mithril, copper, and gold and some tin. he then scaled his way back up the hole, and began to head back toward town.

he stopped suddenly. he looked straight ahead, and saw a shinobi heading out. He waved towards him, and then headed thart way, wondering what he was doing.
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Wandering the Desert ( Open, fightning allowed, no killing)
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