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 The end...? [ P ] ~ [ Pat only ]

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PostSubject: The end...? [ P ] ~ [ Pat only ]   Sat Sep 12, 2009 9:24 pm

He has been searching for long and long, and never found what he was searching for, or even he find out, what was he suposed to find out.A tall man, standing around 6"5, and weighting around 68 Kg, was standing long away from the Konoha's Gate, in it's shadow actually.His outfit was his normal clothing, his white hair, pulled back, and spiked, like he liked it.His face, remained serious, like if nothing else mattered to him, except for what he was going to do inside Konoha, his plans were to fight someone.A musculed body was beeing kept under these clothings.A golden medallion stud around his necklace, given to him by his mother.A long cloak, blue to be said, and his shirt is actually blue, but his cloak's blue color is lighter.He wears a pair of long brown boots, that go up to his knees.The name of the man standing there was Vergil.He wanted to go through Konoha, but he couldn't just go, looking like a missing-nin, now could he?First, he made handseals for a common technique, and then, he transformed himself into an old man, and let me tell you, he was quite convicent.He calmly walked towards the gate, each step, making a small noise, like if he was crushing something, and soon, he was standing outside the gate.The gatekeeper's, letted him in, he was hidding his chakra, easy to go disguised.After getting inside, and staying away from a ninja, he transformed back to his old looking.He didn't liked to look like an old man, carrying a backpack, and with some old black robes, and his wrapped skin, it would gross him.He then slowly, took two steps forward, looking around.Tired of his life, he was wanting to get killed, and he hoped, today was the day it was happening.
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Leaf Jounin

PostSubject: Re: The end...? [ P ] ~ [ Pat only ]   Sun Sep 13, 2009 12:14 am

Seiko's white hair gleamed invisibly in the bright sun of the mid morning as he stood atop a tree, just meters outside the gates of konoha. He stood high in the tree, several stories up. The browns and green around him where set vibrantly against the morning sky, dew still atop their surfaces. Seiko was perfectly blended in with his surroundings. For all intensive purposes, he was not even there. His bright green eyes surveyed the ground beneath him like a hawk looking for it's prey. He served the unglamorous job. He watched konoha's border's as a secondary guard, catching what the chuunin might miss.

He was doing just that when a flicker of movement in the corner of his eye attracted his attention. In the shadow of Konoha's gate stood a ninja, standing there, just looking plain menacing. Seiko did not act yet, he only watched. The ninja was just standing there, until he made several handseals, and turned into an old man. He played the part very well, too. The old man started walking, and eventually made himself inside the gate. Seiko jumped from the tree to the top of the gate. From their, he jumped from building to building, silently and invisibly tracking this lone ninja. Eventually, Seiko got tired of just following. He looked up this ninja's profile in the bingo book, based on what he'd seen before. The Book Said:

"Virgil. A rank Missing Ninja, wanted dead, preferabbly"

Seiko smiled. he'd be happy to kill this Ninja for the good of the world. Seiko jumped down from the building, and landed silently on the street. The "old man" was walking, looking tired in his general direction. Seiko pulled three invisible senbon from his ninja pouch and threw them at the missing ninja with infallible accuracy. They struck the man in 3 different vital points, and he slumped to the ground, dead. Seiko made a handseal and bodyflickered to the site of the Fallen Ninja. making another, he dissapeared, going to the hokage's office.
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The end...? [ P ] ~ [ Pat only ]
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