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S ranked Missing-Ninja
S ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: Aissance.   Sat Sep 12, 2009 6:46 am

Like the sword of god, a bright beam of light split through the cover of the dark clouds that shrouded the Village of Konoha. The thin strip of bright light seem to pierce into the eyes of the faces of the Hokages who once led this village. The two who he was completely familiar with was the current face of Orito Aburame and his predecessor, Yuto Hozumi. Yuto fell to the previous Akatsuki Leader for which Robin recovered the body and laid it to rest. Since then, Both the Hokage and the Akatsuki Leader had changed with Orito taking the position of Hokage and Near Odolwa taking the position of the Leader of the Akatsuki. Robin, however, had the pleasure of ridding Near from existence with the help of his former ANBU partner, Ayumu. The only problem was that Ayumu had also fallen in the battle. But that was in the past, he was already starting to move on. But just like Near, with the disappearance of Temai; he had taken over the position of Akatsuki Leader. The one thing he knew from this experience was that when the Akatsuki Leader fell, a new one would spring up to take their place. That was part of the reason as to why Robin was exiting out of the gates. The other part....well personal reasons. He had left a detailed note as to why he was leaving on the desk of Lord Hokage for when he returned back into his office.

Robin looked forward, looking into the tree cover that encircled Konoha. The gates were closing behind him with the body of Konohagakure no Sato staying safely behind it. He had now entered into Konohagakure no Kuni, or the Countryside of Konoha and would continue on with his journey. The day was darkening and the light was thinning out; soon it would be nighttime and he would be well underway with his journey.

Robin Kaguya ---- Because I was forced..
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