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 The Winged Servants of Jashin

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PostSubject: The Winged Servants of Jashin   Sun Sep 06, 2009 4:04 pm

Jiro had been looking for a summon for some time before he stumbled across ancient forgotten cave network in the hills in the hills of the rain country. This was not for want of trying. Summons by the very nature tend to be far more empathic then humans and a far better judges of character. They saw their darkness that nestled him, felt the lust for blood and human sacrifice that was Jashin and either shunned him or on some rare occasions tried to destroy him. Summon’s are proud beasts and tended to find his very presence repugnant. He was on the urge of giving up when he heard a whisper in the wind urging him to travel far to the east, there he would find what he sought. He had long become accustomed to his master favoured means of communication and did not doubt the words. There he found a cave network of such breadth and scale had no imagined and something else. It is said that there many things in the darkness, nightmarish and wicked but not even Jiro had imagined what creatures would called this shadowy world home. He learned the hard way of the vast vampire Bats that roosted. Many were huge monstrosities and all it seemed eager to drain him of his blood. For 3 days he lived on his wits in the gloom trying to evade their cunning attacks but he knew he could not maintain it with his chakra running low and strength sapped by continual conflicted. He needed time to rest time to plan if he was to succeed in taming in beasts. It was then he struck upon an area the bats didn’t go, an area of odd columns more suitable for men then winged beasts. Lighting a flickering torch, it was revealed to be a temple of sorts and a familiar one at that. He could feel the pull of Jashin in their air and found comfort in the odd twisting shapes and frescos rather then dread at the sickening scenes of horrific sacrifice transcribed upon their surfaces. There he found a circular font with strange runes to either side and a symbol of Jashin in the centre, it’s smelled of death, blood and dedication. He knew what he must do placing his palm over the basin he slight his left wrist causing blood to gush into it knowing the wound would soon clot over thanks to his rather unique constitution. A pint of blood gushed forth filling the shallow basin and symbol of Jashin within glowed like the Sun. In the gloom an ancient and terrible
Voice spoke “Offering accepted, the blood of the servant has once more been offer and the ancient pact is renewed. Blood for Blood servant of Jashin” In the gloom Jashin could see a pair of blood red eye the size of a house stare at him, full of wisdom, power and hunger. It continued: “As was in the past, as it is now. Place your right arm out”. Jiro knew that it would be fatal to hesitate at this point and held his right arm before a far smaller bat swopped down and bit deep into his forearm. Razor sharp pain seared throughout his body. A weaker man might have fallen to his knees but he trained himself to ignore pain, to embrace it in his service to Jashin and held fast.

The voice continued “Good. You are not as week as you look. Perhaps the was not mistaken to favour you so Great Master”

“You serve Jashin Sama?

The beast laughed a deep haughty laugh that echoed through the caves. “All serve the Lord of Murder whether they know it or not. I would have thought you of all people would know that.” Jiro felt the pain subside and when he looked next an intricate bat liked tattoo was upon his arm. “Should your require the assistance of my brood all you need do is from the necessary chakra and wipe blood on the mark and they shall come?”

“And you?” Jiro questioned

“I serve no man, even our Master’s favoured servant, who can not best me in battle. As you stand your immortality will not allow you to escape your certain destruction if it came to that. Your blood speaks of unfilled potential and the blood does not lie. If you still demand that I serve return and we shall see who submits. Though should fail you life shall be forfeit”

And with that it turned away into the gloom its clawing laughter reverberating all about.

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The Winged Servants of Jashin
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