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 It's time- to go home.

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Sand Genin
Sand Genin

PostSubject: It's time- to go home.   Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:32 pm

Teino had an empty feeling. She didn't understand. "Why? What's the matter with me? Am I weak?" She thought. She even tried to elude her own emotion by entering another being's mind, but it didn't really help. Teino still felt deep hatred for Konohagakure. And she knew, in her heart, she would never be satisfied until it was dealt with. But, she couldn't pick emotion over being, could she? As the rain splashed gently along her face, Teino thought of the village. She could just see the tip of the Hokage building- from where she was standing. Oh, how she loathed the building and everyone in it. "Rules. Pfft, what's the point in them?" Teino was an odd soul. She wasn't evil. But she was far from good. She knew she couldn't spend the rest of her life like this. Everyone needed an objective, a goal. Without one, they were no-one. Tieno didn't want to be no-one. She thought about what goal she had. And that was to rid of the person who ruled Konohagakure. The Hokage. She couldn't do it though. It'd be impossible. Teino found herself subconciously walking back in the direction of her home village. She knew what she was going to do, now it was just the matter of how, she was going to do it. She thought it all over in her mind. At last, she had a plan.
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PostSubject: Re: It's time- to go home.   Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:41 am

Confessor walked for a long time now, he was chasing someone that could mean trouble for the Grass Country. A country he considered as his own, a country he would protect with his life in an instant. During the chase he only found some empty merchant wagon that was robbed a mile from the rock country border. The marks off a huge struggle were visible on the wooden planks that were once a part of the wagon. After searching for a needle in a haystack Confessor decided to return to one off the crossroads area's to figure out his next move. While Confessor was waiting there he talked to the inn boss for the newest rumors, there he heard some strange things and was handed out some kind off pamphlet for all bounty hunters. When Confessor read the reason for the bounty he knew it would be a lost mission but his guts told him it would mean the start off a revolt inside the hidden leaf city. Now confessor was determent to achieve the goal he set for him, it would be the final accomplishment in this shinobi realm.

While confessor was traveling in the direction of konoha he saw a girl, it seemed she was weeping for a while now. Even threw the exhausted facial expressions Confessor could see she was a strong ninja probably lost her way in this world. Confessor opened his mouth and started to speak

Hello there nice woman, my name is confessor I'm a bounty hunter. What brings you here in these parts of the world?

Confessor looked at the girl and threw her the pamphlet he received earlier in the inn
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It's time- to go home.
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