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 Village Historical Archives

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The Fourth Hokage
The Fourth Hokage

PostSubject: Village Historical Archives   Fri Aug 14, 2009 5:36 pm

Konohagakure no Sato

Suri Hyuuga [1st Hokage]
Kamuzaku Hozumi [2nd Hokage]
Yuto Hozumi [3rd Hokage]
Orito Aburame [4th Hokage]

Konoha is said to be the strongest village of all time, being one of the largest countries at that. The village of Konohagakure no Sato has lived in plenty of peace ever since the first shinobi war. Iwagakure, whom is host of the Rock Village, invaded Bird Country, a small country who did not have any shinobi citizens and therefore were left defenseless. Begging the Rock Village to spar their lives, the Rock Village did so as long as they agreed to help in war to overtake Fire Country. As the army marched, they passed into Grass Country and recruited them also. Bird,Earth and Grass Country allied together and planned to take out the entire Fire Country. The first Hokage was informed after a scout spotted the army marching. The legendary Suri Hyuuga, first Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato was one of the strongest shinobi ever to walk the earth.

As the army drew near, Suri managed to quickly alert his allies, getting all plenty of back up. All of the Fire country ninja lined up where on the battle ground, supported by the Waterfall,Snow,Star and Sound villages. They proved worthy allies as the battle commenced. Large battle cried crossed the field as thousands of shinobi attacked each other in one massive sweep. At first, Konoha seemed to strong to the army to handle, but the Tsuchikage was extremely evil and persuasive and some how managed to capture three demons and release them onto Konoha's defenses. The beasts went crazy and killed many shinobi from both sides of the war. Suri took out one of the beasts by himself as the largest beast killed the second, leaving the final large demon, facing the Hokage. The Hokage released all his offensive maneuvers and barely effected the demon at all. Before releasing his ultimate jutsu, the One Thousand Palm Explosion, which not only killed the beast, but took his own life. It seemed that the Tsuchikage had prevailed. But was ultimately distracted at watching his rival Suri meet his death and was stricken down in battle by Kamuzaku Hozumi, Suri's pupil. The war ended and Konoha was left without a Hokage. After a short while of molding Kamuzaku into the position, he finally was accepted and ruled the Leaf Village Kingdom.

Kamuzaku grew strong and during his mid-life had a young son named Yuto, who was rather exceptional at a very young age. Kamuzaku wasn't happy with only one child though. After another year, Yuto stumbled across a young orphan boy. A bit older than Yuto. After meeting the boy and getting to know him, Kamuzaku offered the boy a home, a offer the boy just couldn't refuse. His name, Orito Aburame. Kamuzaku now had a very happy family, but he was always to busy with his Hokage work. The tome to celebrate a new year came around as Konoha hosted a massive festival for all their allies to come and visit. At this time, the sound village plotted an assassination on Kamuzaku, but were unsuccessful, breaking the alliance the festival turned into a blood bath as the Sound Ninja slaughtered many citizens of Konoha and ninja of many villages. Until the fled the village. Kamuzaku was outraged at this and set out Rice Field Country to talk to the Daimyou. Escorted by some High Ranked Jounin. As Kamuzaku crossed into Rice Field Country, he was attacked almost immediately, and was extremely outnumbered. It seemed Kamuzaku underestimated the Sound Ninja too heavily and payed a massive price, his life.

After the death of his father, Yuto was moved into the early Hokage position, becoming the youngest Kage in history of the world! He met a beautiful young girl named Rose, who he planned to marry in the not to distant future. Yuto was great at his job though, after a final long streak of peace due to Yuto's commitment to make Konoha a safer place, Yuto finally discovered a top secret criminal organization called the Akatsuki. Yuto studied so far into it that the Akatsuki found out and were displeased of the Hokage knowing so much, so they took immediate action. This mission was for the leader himself, Temai Shi Genkaku. Temai captured Rose, which infuriated Yuto and caused the young Hokage to set out to hunt Temai down and retrieve Rose. Temai successfully lead Yuto to The Valley Of End, where a tough battle took place as Yuto struggled against the Akatsuki Leader to get his girlfriend Rose back. Yuto was about to be defeated, a young genin named Kadaj leaped in and attempted to save the Hokage, but was quickly outclassed and killed. Yuto and Rose both attacked Temai as a duo, but even they were outmatched as Temai killed Rose in front of Yuto and forced the Hokage to charge at him one last time as Yuto pierced his blades through Yuto's abdomen, killing him. Temai was never to be seen again, As Orito and Robin, two of Konoha's great jounin, tracked down the Hokage and found his body along with Rose and Kadaj's.

Unfortunately even in this time of sadness, a leader needed to arise and take charge of Konoha yet again. This time people were elected by the council of Fire Country then watched and tested until they picked the perfect candidate. Orito managed to ace everything the council was looking for and become the Fourth Hokage of the Leaf Village. Taking off from where his best friend Yuto left off, Orito quickly messaged The Kazekage and organized a meeting, after the meeting took place they agreed to a signed alliance and have been in close contact ever since. The two villages create a fortress of ninja who are ultimately the best defensive army the world has ever seen. As the Fourth Kazekage's death effected, likewise with the fifth, Orito and Sumi, the sixth kazekage managed to collect enough information to hunt and kill the Akatsuki Leader known as Near. Orito continues to run the Leaf Village in a era of peace, looking down upon Amari, the son of the fourth Kazekage. But Orito remains cautious of plots against Konoha at all time, knowing that the peace will soon be broken.

Orito Aburame - Hokage

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The Fourth Hokage
The Fourth Hokage

PostSubject: Re: Village Historical Archives   Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:43 pm

Sunagakure no Sato

Tai Munuka [1st Kazekage]
Guto Gara [2nd Kazekage]
Hanzo Nara [3rd Kazekage]
Shyke Demona [4th Kazekage]
Rukasu Omoi [5th Kazekage]
Sumi Dieroma [6th Kazekage]
Junji Diegoshi [7th Kazekage]

Sunagakure no Sato never was a land of peace. The first Kazekage Tai Munuka was also the Daimyo of Wind Country. Tai had the power of the whole country, which made him go power hungry. Tai slaughtered anybody who went against his ruling. Until he finally voted out of the Kazekage position, as he lost the election to a powerful kenjutsu master named Guto Gara. Tai was outraged at such a treason from the Sand Village and marched all the shinobi from the Wind Country to destroy the Sand Village and all who populated it. Guto marched all of the shinobi and citizens too hold one strong line at the gates. Tai was left at the Daimyo Fortress in the middle of Wind Country. Guto took this to his advantage as his residents held the gates of the Sand Village, Guto and the Anbu Black Ops sneaked around the army and got into the Daimyo Fortress which was barely guarded due to the armies of shinobi being at the Sand Village.
After killing few guards and remaining un-noticed, Guto and the Anbu got to Tai's private quarters where he faced him in a one versus one battle to the death. Guto pierced the abdomen of Tai Munuka and killed him in his very quarters. Guto stopped the war between Wind Country and the Sand Village and made the land peaceful for the time been.

Guto Gara successfully ran the Village for many years. The new Daimyo was a lot smarter with his actions and let Guto run his village freely. Guto managed to do this correctly. Guto got extremely ill though, and eventually passed from his sickness at quiet and old age.
A new Kazekage was needed for the village and after many nominations, the nation concentrated on one, Hanzo Nara. After many objections the majority ruled in favor of Hanzo and he managed to gain the title of the Third Kazekage of the Sand Village. After only a year or so, the Nara had become overwhelmed with more enemies from many villages. Hanzo was sent out on a top S ranked Mission to assist the Leader of the Grass Village. His mission was to escort him to a meeting in Rain Village wear rain and grass would ally and if it was successful then Grass promised to ally with the Sand. The Grass would be worthy assets for Suna to have and therefore Hanzo agreed to these terms. As the Grass Leader and Kazekage arrived at their destination the Rain and Grass villages confirmed an alliance, but unfortunately their plans involved wiping out the Sand Village. Hanzo fought bravely against many of shinobi from both villages but finally met his defeat from the hands of the Grass Leader himself.

Once again left without a Kazekage, a mysterious ninja come from the shadows and emerged a hero immediately. The mans name was Shyke Demona, former member of the Akatsuki who had a unique ability to manipulate clay in his hands. Shyke took immediate action to aid the Sand Village and traveled to The Land of Fire into the Leaf Village to discuss a friendly alliance with the Hokage, Orito Aburame. Orito personally hated the akatsuki due to his personal issues with the former Hokage's death. But Orito and Shyke quickly bonded. An alliance was formed and Suna and Konoha ninja worked together to provide help on missions, thus creating the strongest alliance ever made in the ninja world.
After a few years Shyke met a beautiful woman and had a little boy named Amari. His life was perfect, nothing like his path with the Akatsuki, Shyke was a changed man. As Amari grew Shyke manged his time well, still making plenty of time to spend time with his family. Shyke was called away from the village for a few months and traveled into Rain Country, where he went on a personal mission to assassinate the leader who was involved in the death of previous, Kazekage Hanzo Nara. After the mission was a success Shyke's next target was the Grass Leader. But it seemed the Grass acted more quickly.
As Shyke returned to the Sand Village to attend Amari's graduation from the academy, there was an attempted assassination on Amari. This was the Grass getting back at Shyke. As the man behind Shyke in the crowd stood up with a crossbow in hand, he shot a bolt at Amari's head. In a split second, Shyke appeared in front of his son, with the bolt piercing his chest. The man fled as Shyke's blood dripped onto his son. As the Kazekage began bleeding to death he whimpered into his sons ear those three magical words "I love you"
The great Kazekage was dead and Amari was left without a family, due to his mother dying at the age thirty as all the Michi Nezumi clan did. To keep Amari protected he was sent to Konoha and looked after by the Hokage, Orito Aburame.

These unfortunate events put the Sand Village in need of yet another Kazekage. The young Sannin named Rukasu Omoi whom was a Sannin of the Sand Village was elected by the elders to overtake the rank of Kazekage. As soon as Rukasu got to that position he put things moving on and reinforced the defenses even more so they wouldn’t get much trouble with akatsuki or any more issues with the Grass Village. He also increased medical research in the village so all ninja would be helped quickly when injured. But Rukasu's rule was short, for the Sand Village was invaded by a organization of Grass and Rain ninja. The defenses weren't enough. Rukasu used a mega chakra release and causing himself to explode, killing all the surrounding Rain and Grass Ninja who were terrorizing the village. The chakra burst wiped out buildings around them and killed all who it touched, which luckily were no citizens of the sand village.

Sumi Dieroma an elite pupper master of the Sand Village was asked to overtake the role of Kazekage after Rukasu's heroic death. Sumi accepted with honor and told them he would do his best to hold the standards of the previous two Kazekages. Sumi did just that, with the Kazekage's help, Konoha and Suna managed to gather enough information on the akatsuki and track down and kill the leader off the top secret criminal organization.
Sumi continues to run the Sand Village with great success and holds the standards of the past Kazekage's showing extremely powerful skill and wise decisions that help the Sand Village run smoothly.

Orito Aburame - Hokage
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