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 Same Place, Different Story

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A ranked Missing-Ninja
A ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: Same Place, Different Story   Thu Aug 06, 2009 6:26 am

Days pass, and sometimes nothing happens. Even if the sun goes up and then down a million times, theres still a possibility that nothing changes. People will get older, but their lives and location remain the same. The same thing every day, and every night for that matter. Some people are destined to stay like this, in sameness, while others are constantly moving locations, constantly changing their lives one way or another, never staying in one place for very long. In the world of shinobi, the most likely of these kinds of people are missing ninjas, probably forced to move about so that they're not captured. There are others though, people that are more explained as wanderers simply because they do not belong to a village, yet they do not have shinobi skills and are therefor not a threat to the villages secrecy. There are some though, that are only considered this way simply because they do not belong to the village, yet they retain shinobi abilities, gaining them under the nose of authority and therefor never thought so. These people can live the life of either a stationary, or moving person depending on their desire. They can decide to stay in one place because theres no threat in doing so, or they can constantly move simply because they want something to do, or want to see the world. The latter explains Eve quite well, a wanderer without anything else to do but simply...wander. A meager existence indeed, but maybe she'll develop some kind of purpose, some kind of reason to exist. Considering the situation, it would be best she did, lest she simply decide to end her life herself because she has no reason to live. Known by none and cared by none, no one would miss her, and nothing would change without her.

For the time being, she had decided to take a break from all the pointless wandering, and remain in the wind country for at least a little longer than she stayed in places. After all, while the occurrence wasnt all that frequent, she was sometimes pursued by shinobi that were hired by her own mother to kill her, but every since she had been here they hadnt shown their faces, which made her think that maybe they just simply couldnt find her. It was a win-win scenario for her, for she had met a rather...peculiar person while she was there, Tsuki as she liked to be called. It made her think about people a little differently, let her realize that maybe they werent all that bad. Obviously, wind country was a place of opportunity for her, or at least change. She just hoped that despite what happened at first, whatever 'change' came next would be good, and not something bad. Honestly it could go either way, depending on who she met. Where was she now? To be honest she never left the location she had met Tsuki at, the oasis in the middle of the destruction that was the desert. She had been there for about another day now, just simply thinking.

But now she was beginning to think that it was time to leave the place, and go back somewhere she knew a little better. She had enjoyed her stay here, but it was time to go, as much as she had enjoyed the small oasis. The frown was evident on her face while she sat, leaning against the trunk of a tree just looking at the water in the middle of all the vegetation. She stood up slowly, now staring into nothing as she realized how long she had actually been there with nothing happening. It was definitely time to move on...there was nothing left there except water to keep her alive. But she didnt need it anymore, she was sure to fill a canteen she found full of the water to keep her alive until she was out of the country. But where from there? Back to Fire country she supposed, she enjoyed that location more than anything, but that meant she would have to pass through grass country. That was alright, she figured, what could she possibly have trouble with there? Surely not some kind of life or death experience. Looking to the ground before moving, she started heading out of the oasis, and into the twisting sands towards the border to grass and wind.
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Same Place, Different Story
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