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 To run an errand.

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A ranked Missing-Ninja
A ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: To run an errand.   Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:04 pm

So the idea was that Vice would Hijack a large merchant transport wagon and use it and make a trip over to the Wind Country where he would have a chance to use some of the natural resources there to continue the building process of his future base. The hijacking was quick and easy considering the merchant werent shinobi of any kind and he was even nice enough to give them a proper barial and feed the oxen that drop the wagon itself before leaving. Come morning the next day he left on the merchant path to Wind Country.

The path he took had an area through Earth Country and he enjoyed the view. He stopped three times on the way there, each time camping under the stars as he was lucky to have clear skies and fair weather. He didn't go too far out into the desert to get to what he wanted so he took his time the third day and arrived to get to work... (continued in Wind Country as he had arrived)
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PostSubject: Re: To run an errand.   Tue Aug 04, 2009 8:59 pm

The pursuit : Chapter one

It was more then six months ago when Confessor last heard from his fellow Za-Men Tribe members. Like all Za-Men Confessor used Nature to forward or receive messages from the clan. Tree's where the easiest medium to transfer messages to other members. Confessor just had to carve the clan kanji on the tree trunk and just wait to see if the tree received a urgent message recently.

Confessor was stunned when he heard the following message,

Dear Za-Men leader-- We need your assistance-- Our territory is being invaded by a unknown force – We are mobilizing our troops as we speak from around the globe in order to strike swiftly to eliminate the tread—The Za-Men are waiting for your orders in how to go from here on – We send spies after both trespassers who where doing strange stuff with our land in the bamboo forest – The last we heard from them one off the two strangers walked in the direction of the rock country-- Ketsueki plz reply! This is a urgent matter for our people!!!

Confessor had to take a deep breather after this awful message, grass country was always a neutral country in the past. They where the crossroad between multiple countries. Picking a side would be devastating for the honest grass people! By staying neutral the country flourished with paper trades and selling goods the land provided to merchants all over the globe. But now!! the Za-Men ,the Anbu warriors from grass needed my help! This could only mean that the two strangers looked very powerful to confront directly.

After this message Confessor placed his hand on the tree bark where he had written the kanji a couple minutes before in order to reply a message off his own.

Dear tribe members , this is indeed awful news!-- Do not confront the enemy! I repeat! Do not confront the enemy!-- Use the darkness and red seeds and plant them in the area where they operated in the Bamboo forest! - I will pursuit them and try to figure out what their plans are! Until you hear from me! Stay put and plant as much traps as you can all over grass! – The Za Men Anbu's can't allow intruders in our peaceful country! – Confessor out

After Confessor send the reply to the message he received he bites his thumb and summons his Venus Riding horse to cover fast grounds in the direction of the rock country.

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To run an errand.
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