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 Final Day(P)

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Academy Student
Academy Student

PostSubject: Final Day(P)   Mon Aug 03, 2009 3:30 am

Reiji walks up to top of the cliff.
I going nowhere. I will never be succesful.
today is my last day living. goodbye world.
Jumps off the cliff. He body landed hard on the ground.
His skull nearly smash and blood was flowing form him like
a great river. he die a quick but painful day.

Note to self
What my goal in life?
Why is life so meanless. why must i countine to live hear.
After many weeks of think i deicde that i was gonna killed myself.
Life has no meaning. there just no place in this world for me.
Goodbye world. I won't miss it. I heading to the big
training area in the sky.
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Final Day(P)
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