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 Escaped from akatsuki [Open, but I'm dead, so you'll be rping about discovering a dead body]

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Leaf Genin
Leaf Genin

PostSubject: Escaped from akatsuki [Open, but I'm dead, so you'll be rping about discovering a dead body]   Sat Jul 25, 2009 4:26 am

This was the worst thing she had ever done.
Suki had gone out to the borders of Konoha, hoping to be killed by a missing ninja. Instead she had somehow attracted an akatsuki, planning to kill her and probably attract jounins to kill. She had narrowly escaped, canceling a powerful ice jutsu used, and taking a lot of energy out of her. After that, she just ran
After running and running and running, Suki felt like she could no longer breathe. She put her hand to her lower stomach, feeling a painful stitch. It was sharp, and throbbing. Suki normally ran quite a lot. Stitches were rare for her. How long had she been running? It felt like miles and miles.
She was last at the border of Konoha. Now she was approaching The Valley of End.
Suki knew she had to stop soon, but she also knew it would feel even worse when she stopped. SO, she carried on running, and running.
Eventually she couldn't take it. She began to slow down.
And tripped.
Suki flew through the air, landing with a loud squelch as she fell into the wet, slippery mud. When had it started raining? She had never noticed.
Suki turned onto her back, and began to breathe heavily.
Little did she know that her little trip had set off one of her trap mechanisms.
She was a living time bomb...

Suki stood up from the ground, panting heavily. Had the akatsuki pursued her? She made a few handseals, summoning Oshi.
He appeared in a puff of smoke, a black, silky panther. "Hello!!!!" screamed Oshi, oblivious to Suki's desperation as always.
"What have I told you about being quiet when you're summoned?" asked Suki angrily, keeping her voice to a whisper. Oshi grew serious, instantly knowing why he was summoned. "There's no one near here, but something's...different," said Oshi, sniffing. "Have you got any traps set up?"
Suki furrowed her brow. What was different?
She had fell over...had anything been triggered? She ran hand over her kimono. Nope, all was fine.
She then realised what had happened. It was the exploding tags on her arms. She had no way of safely removing them!

"Wait!" shouted Oshi. "Someone is coming...and they're fast!!"
Suki only had just enough time to glimpse a kunai, flying right at her.
My headband has been cut. I look like a missing ninja. It could be a good ninja or a bad ninja. Either way, can I really survive it in such health? All these thoughts passed through her head as the projectile flew straight at her arm.


Suki screamed as the explosion sent her hurtling backwards in the air. Her back hit a tree, and her screaming was cut off instantly. Oshi only had enough time to look behind him as he disappeared in a puff of smoke. Suki had broken her neck...
mechanism set off:
Trap Two: DON'T TOUCH ME!!!!!

info: Yeah, you can guess what this will do by the name. Prevent touching. Razz if anyone holds her arm, from wrist to elbow, an exploding tag that has been painted over to camouflage itself will explode. The kimono is fireproof, she she wont catch fire, she'll just be thrown back, like her opponent, who will definitely have let go. The trap can only be activated first by puling out a small wire under her sleeve, she prefers the next trap though, 'cause it isn't so dangerous for her, and looks cooler :p, but she can avoid too mush injury by slipping underground the second before she activates the tag.
Chakra cost=For every explosion, it is the same cost of an exploding tag. There are six on her

OOC: I dunno what tags to use for dying, so....

[exit topic]
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The Fourth Hokage
The Fourth Hokage

PostSubject: Re: Escaped from akatsuki [Open, but I'm dead, so you'll be rping about discovering a dead body]   Mon Aug 10, 2009 2:34 pm

Topic Locked.

Orito Aburame - Hokage
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Escaped from akatsuki [Open, but I'm dead, so you'll be rping about discovering a dead body]
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