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 Dummies on Loose

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PostSubject: Dummies on Loose   Tue Feb 17, 2009 6:49 pm

Mission Location: Random Locations in Konoha
Mission Participate's: Squad 3
Mission Rank: D
Mission Objective: One of Konohas shinobi has recently been working on a specific seal used to animate lifeless objects and enable them to fight for you. Succes was achieved recently, as the researcher managed to animate an estimated amount of 20 training dummies, varying from wooden men to target-practice sandbags. Unfortunately these dummies were not fighting as much for their master as we'd hoped they would, since all they started to run around and do whatever they liked. We want your squad to hunt down all 20 dummies and destroy them before they cause any serious problems. The dummies are fairly dumb and their movement is rather predictable, so they should not be a serious treat to your safety.
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Dummies on Loose
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