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 going to the village outskirts(open, no killing)

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PostSubject: going to the village outskirts(open, no killing)   Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:20 am

Ichigo woke up and got ready then he put his cloak and staff on.He was going to the outskirts today and had never been there before.The village was dead so maube this would add some adventure to the day he thought.So he tossed his hood over his head and ran out the front door.He then began speeding to the village gate to beguine his journy.

As he ran he jumped fences and walls to make a shorter rout to the gates.Finally he had arrived and found that the gate was open due to there beeing no sign off a threat to the village.He walked out of the village and noted the whipping winds and sand storm."this weather isnt uncommen around these parts so its no big deal but i better tighten my hood just to keep the sand out of my face anyway."He thought to himself.He then stuck his staff into the ground and started using it as a walking stick to be able to guide through the thick sandy winds.

As he walked further into the outskirts he found a canyon were kept the winds and sand mostly out killing the wind greatly.He walked into the canyon and removed his hood."this is the perfect place to practice my jutsus."he exclaimed."there is so many minerals and metals under this sand i can just feel it it would be my perfect battle ground."He exclaimed once more.

He started traing but quickly noticed foot prints in the little bit of sand that did make its way into the canyon.They didnt look to large so ichigo deduced that it was either a younger person like himself or maybe an older person that was light on thier feet.He smirked at the idea of someone tippy toeing around the desert somwere.but he decided to pay the print no mind and continued practicing.

"if there is someone out there im sure theyll be back eventually and ill probobly still be here."he thought practicing to smooth his taijutsu."Rock kicking technique"he said while proforming hand signs.Raising five large rocks out of the ground he kicked them at the canyon wall putting cracks in it and chipping off pieces of rock.

Eventually ichigo got tired of practicing this."i wish that person would return so i could spar with them."he said in a low slightly depressed voice.As he thought about it he looked up and stared into the distance.He saw a shadowey figure approaching from the north."hello out there!hello can you hear me!"he screamed hoping to get the persons attention.
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going to the village outskirts(open, no killing)
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