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PostSubject: Ragnarok   Tue Jun 30, 2009 3:46 pm

Name: Ragnarok


Special Abilities: The bow has but one special Ability. The Bow is not carried around, but summoned, by a seal present on his palm. The seal upon activation will reveal his bow, in a puff of smoke. His hand seems to be attached/ inserted, at the center, near the shield like area, which then doubles itself on the other side of his hand, covering it from both sides. Once this is done, the Bow can be used.
The Bow can be used in two ways. The first is, that it takes Kensei's Chakra, from his left hand, which holds the bow. It will then mold the Chakra, with its own Energy, and allow him to give it an arrow like shape to it with his right hand. This technique can be used with great speed, and can cause a lot of damage, without wasting much energy. The Bow is actually similar to a legendary weapon, in a way, that it allows him to create a compressed arrow, with only a little bit of chakra, by mixing it with a strange energy, that it possesses. The rate of firing, is pretty fast, because even the strong is made from chakra.
The second application, is the ability to fold its wings, in so that only the central portion remains. When this is done, the Center piece's size will increase a bit, and from the tip of the shield like structure, Chakra will begin to form, in a saber like way. This Chakra is about 3 inches wide, and can be extended to anywhere upto 4m. But normally, the blade's length is the same as a normal sword. A great difference is, that it isn't just very dense Chakra being compressed. The Chakra within the blade, vibrates, at an extremely great speed. This is known as the "Loki" Blade. It can also be used as an Arrow, but only one can be shot at a time, unlike normal arrows. This blades frequency of vibration is so great, that it can cut through, even steel, like it was nothing. But on the downside, this blade cannot be maintained for a long time, due to the strain it would put on the user, thus its use being widely limited as another Arrow. The blade at max, can last 3 turns. 5 Turns during the time Enrichment is in use. 7 turns for the duration of the Brain Charger technique. For the duration this it is being used in Saber Form, No Ninjutsu requiring hand seals may be used, as it could disturb the flow of the chakra. The blade can be use again, but requires a cooldown, before re-use. Like if it is used for 3 turns, then its a 1 turn cooldown. if it is used for 5 turns, then its a 2 turn cooldown. If it is used for 7 turns, its a 3 turn cooldown. If the numbers of turns is even, then cooldown is half of the amount of time used. The "Loki" is normally used as an Arrow, which is Ranked as an A Rank technique, due to the large amount of power is possesses. The blade form is also A Rank, but has its own huge drawbacks. Its use is normally limited, and he himself prefers to not use it. It is just incase his Eternal Blade's aren't enough to do the job.
The arrows are also influenced by the users elemental affinity. So Elemental Arrows can also be fired.

Arrows: Overall, the arrows that are used are created by channeling Kensei's Chakra, ergo, he can make them vary a bit here and there.

Basic Chakra Arrows :- These are the basic arrows used by Kensei. These arrows are created by molding a certain amount of compressed chakra into a thin arrow like projectile. When fired, it halves its length and doubles its width, though it appears long due to the trail it leaves behind as it travels. The arrows have Rank C attack strength and tend to have a push back effect, even if they are blocked. The arrows can be fired at a pretty fast rate, due to the fact that in the user doesn't have to constantly reach for his quill, as the Arrows are formed by Chakra.

Elemental Arrows:
White Lightning: These are the Lightning element arrows formed after combined the Chakra arrows with his Lightning Affinity. The Lightning Arrows Firing rate is lower than the Chakra Arrows, but are the second fastest Arrows he has. The have great piercing power, and leave the part they touch, temporarily paralyzed. Each of the said arrows has B Rank Strength, and use a noticeable amount of Chakra.

Aqua Fang: These are the Water Elemental Arrows. To be used, Kensei must have a source of water nearby, or the humidity must be great. Water arrows aren't as fast to fire as Lightning Arrows, but have a much lower Chakra cost. The reason being, that these arrows require only the water to be gathered, so the Resultant Arrow is more or less, a Low amount of Chakra mixed with highly compressed water. These Arrows are strong as they are difficult to see, due to the chakra that changes its color to a very transcluescent blue. The Aqua Fang can carry Virus' and Poisons with them, so that if they break the skin, they infect the enemy with a virus.

This is the final technique. It has been explained in the specialties. It is a arrow of highly condensed Chakra, that vibrates at such a great frequency, that its is nearly impossible to stop. Infact, only extremely strong S Rank Defenses stand a chance to stop it. The very purpose of this arrow is to pierce. If the arrow gets a direct hit, there is a good chance that the enemy might die, but that would depend upon the enemies endurance. This Arrow has A Rank attack power, but focuses all of that power on the point of contact, and is this, a very strong attack. But the attack requires a very large amount of chakra to be fired. Due to that fact, it is unknown how many Loki arrows he can fire in a single battle before tiring. The arrow can be maintained at the bows tip, but only for a limited time, to act as a blade. Time limits are mentioned above.

Origin: The truth behind the bows Origins is lost in time. The bow was originally found in one of the Ruins of Kumogakure, by a team of Researchers. It was smuggled into Suna, for its use to be studied. After many years of it changing hands, under the supervision of the Kazekage, it was finally decided, that the bow could not be used by anyone less than a master at Chakra control. The bow then exchanged hands again, and fell into the claws of Black Marketeers, who tried to ship of this bow to another country. When they were caught by the Jounin of Suna, they tried to use it against them, and failed. The person that used this bow got seriously injured, as his hands were not skilled enough, and his chakra control wasn't good enough. The bow was then handed to the Suna Medical Research Center, where its usage was tested, to see how it affected the Human Body. Upon close examination, it was revealed, that constant usage of this bow would degrade your muscular system, due to the constant supply of Chakra required. Thus, only someone with strong regenerative powers could wield. The bow, for this reason alone, was handed to the Ketsuki Clan, where it has stayed for two generations. Only Kensei's powers were stable enough to handle the Pressure it put on its user, and so, he was the only one allowed to ever wield it. Over the years, Kensei mastered the Bow, becoming an extremely strong, Ranged Combatant, but he keeps his usage of the bow limited, due to reasons known only to him.
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PostSubject: Re: Ragnarok   Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:15 pm

Do you have a weaponary as a speciality on your characters application? Also the bow appears from a seal on your characters hand. This would be a form a of fuuinjutsu, do you have fuuinjutsu as one of your specialities as well? why not just normal summon it from a scroll like a normal weapon? And how much chakra do these arrows use. It seems that your bow is quite powerful and using your chakra to mix with a unknown energy brough out from your bow which cannot be measured in anyway, i suggest that there is a chakra cost for how many bows you use and please clarify this. Your Loki arrow is quite powerful as well, i suggest you can only fire one of these per battle or it would be too OP.


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PostSubject: Re: Ragnarok   Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:46 pm

Well, The bow appears like a puppet does. The difference is, that I made the seal on my hand as I don't like to carry scrolls, thats all. Nothing else to it. It is similar to How Sasuke made the Shuriken appear from his hands in his battle with Itachi.

As for the Energy. The energy does nothing more, than give it a solid form, it has no effect on the power of my bow. See. My left hand, which wields the bow, channels my chakra. My right hand, which pulls the string, gives it shape. The energy simply prevents wastage of my chakra, for something like maintaining its solid form. No boost to its attack power or anything.

The Loki Arrow is made for just one purpose. To Pierce the enemies defenses. Its similar to the Quincy S.Schneider in principle. The thing is, that it can be made to explode, or cancelled out by a strong A or S Rank move, that focuses the attack power at one point, like the Loki Arrow. Also, unlike other arrows, I can only fire this once in a single post, and I can make it so, that I have to wait 1 post, before Firing another, if you like.

The Arrows have high attack strength simply due to the fact that they are fired at a high speed, and focus the attack on a single point. if they were to be like blasts of energy, they wouldn't be this powerful.

Btw, no, I don't have Weapons as a Speciality, but I don't use any technique with this, like creating a sudden blast or a web of arrows or any of that stuff. I simply aim, and fire. The arrows differ based on how I channel my chakra. I discussed this with Rukasu, n he said as long as they are not techniques, but simply my different arrow types, it should be ok.
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PostSubject: Re: Ragnarok   Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:32 am

Ben Don't post in apps please.
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PostSubject: Re: Ragnarok   

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