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 Simplicity in the Works (Training Thread)

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PostSubject: Simplicity in the Works (Training Thread)   Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:24 am

It wasn't often Ishihara could get his hands on a nice little novel to read. So when Ishihara was finally able to get a nice little book, naturally he would drop all his current plans for that day to gain time for reading his newest treasure. Now, this novel was about a young man, to whom Ishihara related very much, that was trying to live an honest life... While trying to find a good, loyal woman to grow old with. Of course, with every Hero archetype in every story known to man there were certain drawbacks that always angered the readers. One such drawback was the fact the woman the young hero fell in love was a Genjutsu-using none. In one chapter, the young hero dared to initiate a romantic scene with the woman by looking longingly into her eyes. And what did this protagonist do? She used an eye-based Genjutsu.

And that's when something clicked in Ishihara's mind. If he were ever to face a Genjutsu user, of any type, he would be screwed... Right? Well wrong. Ishihara had an idea. A very simple yet BRILLIANT idea. It was like those magic shows that always seemed complicated and yet the trick behind it all was so simple. Ishihara looked up from reading his book and saw squirrel minding its own business. It was collecting nuts. A perfect test subject. Ishihara would focus his fire element chakra to the tips of his middle and index finger. He would snap those fingers together. A spark would erupt from the snap, causing a small flame to burst with life. Of course, the squirrel's attention was immediately caught by this jutsu and its eyes were redirected from its nuts to Ishi's hands. Genius.

By developing this trick, Ishihara could throw off the focus of Genjutsu users, giving him a small opening to retreat or counterattack.
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Simplicity in the Works (Training Thread)
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