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 Weapons #3 [done]

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PostSubject: Weapons #3 [done]   Tue May 19, 2009 5:12 am

Name: Kuroshiro - Black White

Appearance: This weapon appears exactly as a normal kunai knife, the difference being the color of the handle. The handle colored in black and white stripes.

Special Abilities: These Kunai knives are coated with a potent venom. When contact with flesh is made which may be a deep gash, scrape, or puncture wound the venom will begin to take effect. The venom isn't life threatining but is extremely harming to a persons eyesight. Causing a person's eyesight to become blurred, causing the victim to see double of any and every object they lay their eyes upon. That is the first stage of the poison, the second is much more worse as the target's ability to see in color will slowly dwindle as time passes, wasting away to seeing in black in white, still under the effects of seeing double. The third stage of the poison will the begin to take effect the target's vision will begin to see only in extreme contrast of black and white that shift with the slightest movement be it the wind, sound or their own movement. This is extremely disorienting to the target clear sight being almost non existant, at this level of the venom the target at times has been seen to have a seisure due to the constant change in color, this however is a rare case.

Origin: A venom found in a special frog in Konoha, Reisame found out about the venomous frog in a book of poisons. Wanting to use the venom as a weapon Reisame chose to find the rare frog and use it's venom. Once he found the frog Reisame created a dangerous weapon, one that will cause his opponents great grief.

Note: Reisame has replaced all his normal Kunai with the Kuroshiro Kunai.

Name: Oto Urusai Oto Mokumoku - Loud Sound Mute Sound

Appearance: Appearing like normal Senbon however made of stone and having a short, red ribbon tied around it.

Special Abilities: Eventhough the weapon seems that it would be used as a weapon that works the same as a normal Senbon it's use is more dangerous then it reveals to be. The Senbon is made of a poisonous dust, the dust being compressed into stone and shaped into a Senbon. When the wileder commands, while in mid flight the Senbon may break aparat, dispersing into dust once more. When inhaled by the target(s) they will begin to undergo the systems of the poison. A poison that aims to hinder someone's sense of hearing at the first stage the target will become hard of hearing. As time passes the second stage will begin to take effect the hearing of the target(s) will be lost and replaced by a high pitched, never ending, screech that makes hearing of anything else very difficult. When more time passes the third and final stage of the the poison will begin, this stage of the poison is what gives it the name Oto Urusai Oto Mokumoku - Loud Sound Mute Sound. The target's hearing will switch from extreme points of hearing sound, the slightest noise can be heard as a loud, unbearable noise one that may cause the ears to bleed. Not long after the target's hearing will quickly go to not being able to hear at all, the ears of the victim may or may not go undergo the loud or not being to hear effect at the same time. One ear may be under the effects of being able to hear nothing while the other may be effected by the loud noise effect or both ears may be undergoing the same effects at the same time. This poison takes several hours to lose effect and may create long lasting damage to a person's hearing.

Origin: Reisame created this weapon as a way to hinder his opponent greatly in battle, so the struggle can become easier for himself. He had learned about this poison by his mother and chose to make it a weapon.

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PostSubject: Re: Weapons #3 [done]   Wed Jun 03, 2009 6:08 am

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Absolute Greed.
Leaf Jounin
Leaf Jounin

PostSubject: Re: Weapons #3 [done]   Wed Jun 03, 2009 6:28 am

Venom is a liquid and will evaporate on from on your weapons.
I'm not so sure about the second one. A dust compacted into a hardened material would still be incredibly brittle, and would break upon meeting any resistance at all.
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PostSubject: Re: Weapons #3 [done]   

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Weapons #3 [done]
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